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Our services

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”
Proverbs 17:22

ElectroHomeopathy offers cure and  treatments to most of the common and life style diseases. Some of the diseases and health issues we successfully treat are mentioned here. The treatments while affordable are highly effective  but without any side effects.


Diseases occurring from allergies like cough, breathing difficulty, dust allergy, recurring cold, common cold, sneezing, asthma can be controlled or cured by homeopathy treatment combined with electropathy.

Infectious Diseases & Immunology

There are effective treatments for infectious diseases like Measles, Rubella (German Measles), yellow fever, jaundice, viral fever, field fever(Leptospirosis), dengue fever, chicken pox, tomato fever, Chikungunya, typhoid fever, common cold.
We have very effective preventive medicines against all these diseases which will make sure you and your family is protected.


Our biggest healthcare challenges are heart diseases and diabetes.  Luckily we can treat angina, myocardial infarction, breathlessness, uneven heartbeat, tiredness, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, low pressure, heart diseases, strokes etc using homeopathy to improve the condition.

General and Life style diseases

Physical activities are reducing, stress increasing, rest and fun becoming luxury, eating habits are changing – all leading to life style diseases. A few are diabetes, thyroid, arthritis.
Homeopathy, combined with electropathy have answers to diabetes, thyroid, arthritis, diabetic ulcers and non curing ulcers, varicose vain, vision loss due to diabetes, ear pain, nose bleeding, dizziness etc.

Child psychology

Our children may have anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity, exam scare, non interest in studies, hesitation to go to school, mood disorders, eating disorders.. Consult us to counsel them and take the necessary medications if needed.


Asthma, chronic cough, frequent fevers, common cold, eczema, ear pain, nose bleeding, dizziness, autism, epilepsy, seizures (fits) – all have a solution in homeopathy.

Dermatology and Personal care

Appearance is as important as a healthy body. Skin diseases like vitiligo (portions of the skin losing their pigment), itching, fungus, pimples, dandruff, hair fall, early greying have effective treatments with us.

Eye Diseases & E.N.T

Ear and eye irritations and diseases are common now. Diseases like conjunctivitis, cataracts, glaucoma, vision loss due to diabetes, ear pain, nose bleeding, eye irritations and thyroid have excellent remedies in homeopathy / electropathy

Nephrology & Urology

Complex diseases like liver cirrhosis, stones in bladder, kidney, pancreas, gall bladder, bleeding through urine, prostrate enlargement etc. need to be treated with care and caution. We have excellent treatments for all. Kidney stones of any size can be treated and removed.

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Acidity, ulcer, constipation, stomach ache, fistula, bleeding through urine, bleeding, prostrate enlargement, liver cirrhosis, kidney stones, gall bladder stones – effective remedies are available with us.

Palliative Care

Pain relief for critically ill people is a big challenge for care takers. Homeopathy can help a lot in palliative care (pain, vomiting, fainting, dizziness, insomnia), management of cancer related complications etc.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Women can have lots of complications and health issues like uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, irregular periods, over bleeding, itching, ovulatory dysfunction, female infertility, repeated abortions, frigidity, sexual disorders etc. We can help them to alleviate their worries since we have remedies for most.

Rheumatology and Aging

Diseases like arthritis, rheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis are troubling even young people. Homeopathy with electropathy is a good option to treat them. Age related pains, movement troubles, stiffness also can be treated here.


Back pain, abnormal bone growth, heel pain, disc prolapse, degenerative disc, occupational diseases – We can provide remedies which works well.

Marriage and Relations

There are so many mental, physical and emotional complications the couple encounters in their relationships. Secret medical impairments and conditions, infertility, impotence, low sperm production, frigidity, ejaculation dysfunction, lower sex drive – to name a few. They need professional counseling and/or treatments to overcome their difficulties and to lead a happy normal life. We can offer you assistance and help to keep you in the right track.

Neurology and psychiatry

Epilepsy, seizures(fits), migraines, depression, autism, insomnia or sleeplessness, sleep disorders, Irritability, anger management, throwing things, quarrelling – the cause may be physical or mental. But we provide you counseling and treatment for these.

We combine Electropathy and Homeopathy to optimize the treatments
We do extend free treatments to the poor and needy
We do veterinary treatments for your pets and cattle