About Ebenesser Medical Center

About Ebenesser Medical Center

By God’s abondant grace and blessings we could heal tens of thousands of patients and could provide them solace and good health. Last 14 years of our sincere services have given us more confidence and expertise to offer you better and effective treatments at an affordable but definte way.

Electropathy is a derivative of homeopathy which can act faster. It has no side effects as the medicines are prepared by extracting electric bio-energy content from plants and of therapeutic value. Electropathy helps to reduce the normal aggrevation (disease gets elevated before it cures) in Homeopathic treatments. It is the combination of electrical devices and homeopathy so more effective and fast curing.

The diseases originate in the change of blood or of the lymphatic system or both. The active micro nutrients or mineral salts of certain plants can be used to balance this. By the process called cohabition, the spageric essence vegetable electricity is collected and properly mixed to create electroids. These electroids acts in the body in electrical speeds because human and plant energy frequency matches.



Dr.Eldho P. John BEMS, MD (Hom) OIUCM is the Chief Consultant Homeopathic Physician at Ebenesser Homoeo Medical Center. He believes that treating his patients is a humble way of serving the Almighty. He is a missionary through whom the God works wonders by curing, healing and alleviating sufferings of thousands of people around the world from all walks of life.

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